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Adonai * 

All I Want

Alleluia to the King

Annunciation  (To Do Your Will)

Assumption: the Promise *

Back To The Streets

Battle Cry *


Christ the Word

Clothed With Power *

Come Holy Spirit Come

Come With Us

Cry of the Poor

Dance With Delight


Doubting Thomas


Endures Forever

From My Abundance

God's Children

Going Home

Gonna Praise You *

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (with Jen Young)

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (with Pete Palazzolo)

Healing Grace

Here I Am (Psalm 40)

Holy Fire

Holy St. Joseph

I Love You Jesus (English only)

I Love You Jesus (English & Spanish)

I Love You Jesus (multilingual version)

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I Turn Again

I Will Praise Your Name Forever (Psalm 145)

In the Highest Heaven

Inflame My Heart Again

Isaiah 12 (You Will Draw Water Joyfully)

John 3:16

Jesus Be With Me

Jesus Christ Is Lord


Let Us Give Thanks

Let Us See Light

Let's Celebrate! *

Little Lambs, Fear Not


Lord I Believe In You

Loving You

Mother of Hope

Mother of Sorrows

My Delight

My Heart

My Lord and My God (Deep Worship)

No Weapon

O Breathe On Me O Breath of God *

O Holy Spirit

On The Road To Emmaus


Praise And Glory *

Refresh Us Lord

Rejoice! *

Rejoice And Sing

Shepherds *'

Silent and Still


The Light (A Christmas song)

This Day

To Do Your Will (Annunciation)

Walk In The Light *

We Praise You

What Man Is This  *

Who Am I  *

You Are My God and Father

You Make All Things New

Your Mercy *



The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came

Awesome God (St. Joe's Praise Band)

(The) Beautiful Mother

Cup of Life Outpoured

Dear Lady of Fatima (verses 3 & 4 by Greg Mailloux) *

Dear Lady of Fatima  NEW! 

Elohim Adonai

For You Are My God

Holy Is His Name

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Jim Cowan medley 

Let the Fire Fall (St. Joe's Praise Band)

Lord, Today

Mary's Boy-Child

My Soul Rejoices

Nearer Than Before

Praise The Lord, You Heavens Adore Him * 

Prayer to St. Joseph

Press On

Rise Up O Men of God

Song of Moses

This Is Jesus

Triumph of the Cross

You Shall Be Clothed With Power


 197 total

Mass Setting: Mass of God's Majesty & Glory

     Glory To God 

Mass Setting: Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians

      Glory to God *

Advent Prelude (Keep alert!) -Year 'B'

Advent Prelude (Show Us Your Mercy) -Year 'C'

Daniel 3 Canticle

Easter vigil Psalms

Easter vigil Solemn Alleluia (Mass of Joy & Peace)

Lenten Prelude (Be Merciful) - Year 'A'

Lenten Prelude (Come Back) - Year 'A'

Lenten Prelude (Your Covenant) - Year 'B'

Lenten Prelude (Turn) - Year 'C'

Pentecost - Sequence 1

Pentecost - Sequence 2

Psalm 1 (Hope in the Law of the Lord)

Psalm 4 (Let Your Face Shine)

Psalm 15 (The Just Will Live)

Psalm 17 (When Your Glory Appears) *

Psalm 18 (I Love You, Lord My Strength) - by Cameron Rankin

Psalm 19 (The precepts of the Lord) 

Psalm 19 (Your Words O Lord Are Spirit & Life) * 

Psalm 23 (Lord You Are Our Shepherd)

Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)

Psalm 23 (I Shall Live In the Lord's House)

Psalm 24 (Lord, This Is The People)

Psalm 24 (King of Glory)

Psalm 25 (Remember Your Mercies)

Psalm 25 (Teach Me Your Ways)

Psalm 25 (Your Ways, O Lord)

Psalm 27 (The Lord Is My Light) version 1

Psalm 27 (The Lord Is My Light) version 2

Psalm 31 (Be My Rock)

Psalm 32 (Lord Forgive the Wrong)

Psalm 32 (You Are My Refuge)

Psalm 33 (Happy the People)

Psalm 33 (Lord May Your Mercy Be On Us)

Psalm 34 (Cry of the Poor)

Psalm 34 (You Are My Hope, O God)

Psalm 34 (Taste And See)

Psalm 40 (Here I Am)

Psalm 40 (Lord, Come To My Aid)

Psalm 45 (The Queen Stands at Your Right Hand) *

Psalm 47 (God Mounts His Throne) * 

Psalm 50 (The Saving Power of God)

Psalm 51 (Be Merciful, O Lord)

Psalm 51 (Have mercy)

Psalm 51 (Create in me, O God)

Psalm 51 (I Will Rise And Go)

Psalm 54 (The Lord Upholds My Life)

Psalm 62 (Rest In God Alone)

Psalm 63 (My Soul Is Thirsting)

Psalm 65 (The Seed That Falls On Good Ground)

Psalm 66 (Let All The Earth Cry Out)

Psalm 67 (O God Be Gracious And Bless Us)

Psalm 67 (O God, bless us in your mercy)

Psalm 67 (Let All The Nations Praise You, O God)

Psalm 69 (Turn To The Lord In Your Need)

Psalm 69 (Lord, In Your Great Love)

Psalm 71 (I Will Sing Of Your Salvation) * 

Psalm 72 (Justice Shall Flourish)

Psalm 72 (Lord Every Nation) * 

Psalm 78 (Bread from Heaven)

Psalm 80 (Lord, Show Us Your Face)

Psalm 84 (Blest Are They Who Dwell)

Psalm 84 (Blest Are They Who Dwell)  *

Psalm 86 (Lord You Are Good)

Psalm 86 (Home for the Poor)

Psalm 89 (Forever I Will Sing)

Psalm 90 (In every age, O Lord)

Psalm 90 (Fill Us With Your Love)

Psalm 92 (It Is Good To Give Thanks)

Psalm 96 (A Christmas Psalm)

Psalm 96 (Give the Lord Glory and Honour)

Psalm 97 (The Lord Is King)

Psalm 98 (The Lord Has Revealed to the Nations)

Psalm 98 (The Lord Comes To Rule)

Psalm 100 (We Are His People)

Psalm 103 (The Lord Is Compassion & Love)

Psalm 104 (for Pentecost Sunday) *

Psalm 105 (The Lord Remembers)

Psalm 107 (Give Thanks to the Lord)

Psalm 112 (A Light Rises In The Darkness)

Psalm 113 (Praise the Lord Who Lifts Up the Poor) *

Psalm 116a (I Will Walk In The Presence of the Lord)

Psalm 116b (I Will Walk In The Presence of the Lord)

Psalm 118 (Easter season)

Psalm 119 (Lord I Love Your Commands)

Psalm 121 (Our help is from the Lord)

Psalm 122 (I Rejoiced) 3 verses

Psalm 122 (I Rejoiced) 4 verses

Psalm 123 (Our Eyes Are Fixed on the Lord)

Psalm 126 (The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us)

Psalm 128 (Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord)

Psalm 128 (May the Lord Bless Us) Wedding Psalm *

Psalm 130 (With the Lord There Is Mercy)

Psalm 131 (In You, O Lord, I Have Found Peace)

Psalm 137 (If I Ever Forget)

Psalm 138 (In the Sight of the Angels) 

Psalm 138 (Lord, On The Day I Called)

Psalm 138 (Lord, Your Love Is Eternal)

Psalm 139 (Wonderfully Made)

Psalm 139 (I am wonderfully made)

Psalm 145 (I Will Praise Your Name Forever) *

Psalm 145 (You Open Your Hand)

Psalm 145 (The Lord Is Near)

Psalm 145 (I Will Praise Your Name) - Dance version 

Psalm 146 (Praise the Lord, O My Soul)

Psalm 146 (Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit)

Psalm 147 (Heals the BrokenHearted)

Psalm 147 (Praise the Lord, Jerusalem)

Psalm 149 (The Lord Delights In Us) *



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